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Beyond Financial Growth

Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Swedish savings bank tradition. We have approx. 8 million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate and institutional clients. Swedbank is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange (NASDAQ Nordic).

As a leading bank, we recognize that we play an important role in and for the local communities we serve. We work to provide long-term sustainable advice and responsible funds to our clients - ultimately seeking to enable people, businesses and society to grow and prosper.

We believe close relationships provide a strong basis for business and value creation. Our clients shall always feel secure that the advice we give is in their best interests.
In the day-to-day work, our co-workers uphold the Swedbank values - being simple, open and caring. This means our services and advices are easy to understand, that we share our knowledge and always keep our promises.

With a robust balance sheet, we can withstand cyclical fluctuations and remain a solid bank partner throughout the years. We carefully evaluate and manage risks, and secure a solid risk spread by having a broad client base and through maintaining a sustainable balance between deposits and lending in our home markets.

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