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Digital handling with our smart online banking solution

Our Internet bank, available in Finnish, is accessible wherever you happen to be around the world.

The InternetBank covers XML files as well as single International payments and SEPA credit transfers. It also provides online access to all information on current accounts such as account statements, balances, reserved amounts, review of current/pending transactions, reference FX rates etc.

Besides Finnish, the InternetBank is also available in Swedish and English. Note that several users can be added to each account, where each user is provided with individual user ID and account access rights. For enhanced security and control over banking operations, three operating regimes; Information, Preparation of Payments and All Services (approval of payments alone or by two together) - can be specified. Any subsequent mode incorporates the functions of the previous one, which allows work to be organized in companies by dividing access rights and assignments.

Web Services & Camt messages

Swedbank Finland Gateway (Web Services -channel) is a secure and modern connection between your company and the bank and it is available via the most common software providers. Via Swedbank Gateway customer is able to send XML payment files, retrieve camt.053 Account Statements, camt.052 Account Reports and also camt.054C Credit Notifications / Incoming Reference Payments.