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Cash management

Do you seek to improve your liquidity management while optimising your balance sheet and reducing transaction costs? Are you looking for a proactive business partner who continuously presents you with smart and attractive solutions?

Swedbank provides companies of all sizes with a complete range of transactional services to optimise your cash management, liquidity and working capital management, payments handling and risk management.

Information regarding payments to Swedbank Finland

Please note that all customer payments (MT103) in foreign currency (i.e. other than euro) in favour of customers within Swedbank Finland (SWEDFIHH) should be routed directly to Swedbank Sweden, BIC code SWEDSESS.

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Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)

Swedbank in Finland – BIC SWEDFIHH
EURSwedbank SwedenSWEDSESS
SEKSwedbank SwedenSWEDSESS

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Liquidity management

Cash-pooling account-solutions for companies seeking to streamline their liquidity management.

Online banking solutions

Digital handling with our smart online banking solution.

Account solutions

Domestic transaction accounts to which all payment flows can be directed.

Swedbank in Finland offers a variety of domestic transaction accounts, with or without credit facilities, to which all payment flows can be directed and online banking solutions can be included.