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Advisor to banks, institutions and organisations across the Nordic and Baltic region

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As one of the leading banks of the Nordic and Baltic region, Swedbank incorporates a broad range of financial services competencies. We have strong relations with leading institutions, organisations and financial partners, and coordinate activites across our service segments to tailor optimized solutions for our selected clients.

We work with banks, asset managers, insurance companies, organisations, associations, municipalities and financial intermediaries across the Nordic and Baltic region. Through specialist client teams, we assure each client gets direct and smooth access to the broad range of financial services found within the Swedbank Group. We strive to establish a deep understanding of each client’s situation and needs, and function as a trusted partner and advisor.

We are an analysis-driven organisation and base all our advice and recommendations in fundamental research. Swedbank Research is one of the leading research units of the Nordic and Baltic region.

Read more about our services segments:

Investment Banking


Global Transaction Services

For more information, please speak to our local team:

Tarja Kokko

Head of Financial Institutions Finland,
+358 (0)20 746 9122

Maria Aaltonen

Client Executive
+358 (0)20 746 9123

Ronnie Hyvärinen

Client Analyst

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